Wheal Kitty - 1 Polpeor Row

  1. Buy a copy of 'The Cornishman' - outstanding weekly local paper. Comes out on Thursdays but available all week. Gives a good overview of what is happening in the local community as well as visitor information.
  2. a) Cornish pasties. It may never have occurred to you to eat a pasty, and, like retsina, they should only be consumed close to their point of origin. DO NOT be tempted to eat them in a pub or restaurant, or to buy them cold and heat them up. ALWAYS buy pasties hot from the oven from a pasty shop where they are made and eat immediately. It is worth paying the extra for 'steak' or 'premium'. They should be hot and peppery, and filled with potato, onion, swede and meat (veggie variations also available).

    b) Cream teas. Are not a light snack - one between two is usually a good idea. The best are to be had in farmhouse kitchens and tea gardens. NB the cream is clotted, not whipped as in East Anglia.

  3. Weather - can be very local and changeable. It can be drizzling at the cottage and bright sun at the coast, and one coast may be fine while the other is overcast. Study the wind direction and be prepared to move around to catch the best weather!
  4. Birds - Some food on the bird table or peanuts in the bird feeder will attract plenty of garden birds to watch from the kitchen window.
  5. Log book - Some visitors like to record their holiday in the cottage log book. Please do so if you feel like it as it is lovely to read of everyone’s adventures. Consult the log book for up to date recommendations for eating etc.